We had a great evening of music with Christa Wells, Seth Thomas & Riley Anglen.  We would like to continue to give to the Pierce Family and bring awareness to Leukodystrophy.   If you would like to donate to the family or purchase Warrior Strong merchandise, please click the links below or above.   Join us as we continue to pray and support Mitzi, Jason, Xander & Jaxon.  WARRIOR STRONG!!

Warrior Strong XJ Leukodystrophy Awareness

If you are parents of two young children, Leukodystrophy is not a word you would ever want to hear come off of a physicians lips. This dear family we love, The Pierce Family, has been walking through an incredibly difficult time in the last year and a half as they received a diagnosis of Leukodystrophy for their son, Xander, who is only 9 years old.

The leukodystrophies are a group of rare genetic disorders that affect the brain and central nervous system by disrupting the growth or maintenance of the myelin sheath, which insulates nerve cells. When myelin is damaged then nerves stop working and bodily functions are disrupted.  These disorders are progressive, meaning that they tend to worsen throughout the life of the patient. They are life threatening and most often severely debilitating.  There are over 50 known varieties of leukodystrophy, but in many cases it cannot be pinpointed.

There are some emerging medical breakthroughs toward potentially curing the two most common leukodytrophies (MLD and ALD), and new born screening has been implemented in some states.   Xander is currently in the “unknown” leukodystrophy category.

Both Xander and his 7 year old brother are currently part of the Myelin Disorders Bioregistry research project through Children’s National Hospital in DC. They spend a good bit of time on the road back and forth between appointments in DC, Asheville, Knoxville and Baltimore for further testing and participation in research studies. As a family they continue to live out loud and make the most of the moments along the way. Literally. Anyone who knows them can testify to this.

The proceeds from this event will be donated directly to the Pierce family to help with travel and medical expenses that continue to mount. 10% of funds raised will be given by the family to leukodystrophy research and awareness. Believing forward, we are setting our sights to a $20,000.00 goal!




Reserve your ticket now for a suggested donation of $25, $50, $75, $100 or OTHER!

Bring your picnic blanket!

The Pierce Family

Jason, Mitzi, Xander & Jaxon

Not pictured – Storm (the dog)

Christa Wells

Award winning singer-songwriter Christa Wells writes deep-reaching piano-driven alt-pop music and has released seven solo projects, including her latest EP (Covers) and a full length record (Feed Your Soul). In 2006, Christa was named Songwriter Of The Year by the Gospel Music Association for “Held”, recorded by Natalie Grant.

A true contemplative, Christa isn’t afraid of asking hard questions in her music, often wrestling with themes of grief, hope, doubt, faith, and family.  Her warm vocals and understated arrangements deliver songs that sit close to the listener – songs that insightfully know us and carefully heal us.
In addition to her own projects, Christa has written for a number of other recording artists, such as Plumb, Selah, Point of Grace, Sara Groves, and Ginny Owens.
Christa lives with her family in East Nashville.

Riley Anglen

Born in Huntsville, Alabama, Riley Anglen was raised up on the knees of Gospel, Bluegrass, Country, Soul, and Rock and Roll in the Tri-Cities of upper East Tennessee. Riley spent his younger years running the banks of the Tennessee River from Bristol, Tennessee all the way down to Guntersville and Muscle Shoals Alabama. He is gratefully married to his sweet Amanda Michelle and is the proud father of Bristol Michelle Leigh. Riley, along with his family, currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

He loves people.

Being raised in upper East Tennessee allowed him to be exposed to a wide array of music and entertainment. Riley had the privilege to attend the World Renown Bluegrass and Old Time Country music program at East Tennessee State University, in Johnson City, Tennessee. He has dedicated himself to the study and preservation of Appalachian music and culture. Most of his family have been involved in their own musical venture, in one way or another, and have also traveled around the U.S.  He still wakes up daily, thankful, thinking how amazing it is to have the chance do what he absolutely loves, and live among others doing the same. He aspires for Creativity, Music, and Entertainment to remain as his career, and for it to always be enjoyable.

Seth Thomas

Seth Thomas, born in the small community of Rogersville, TN, started playing guitar at 10 in his local church. He led worship for a few local youth groups and began to hone his writing abilities. Moving to the area In the early 2000s he has spent the last decade playing local venues and singing a mixture of the songs he’s written and some old favorites that used to frequent the tape deck growing up. Most of his music can be categorized as folk, Americana. But there are many other genres that have shaped his sound.