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We are happy to partner with the Johnson City Run Club as they provide top quality running programs throughout the area.  The Bluegrass Half Marathon Training Program (beginning May 25) includes training that caters to runner’s fitness and ability levels. They will offer different levels from first time Half – Marathoners to those trying to set new Personal Best.  If running 13.1 or a PB is your goal for 2016, let the coaches with the Johnson City Run Club help you achieve this accomplishment.

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3101 Browns Mill Road, Suite 6-182, Johnson City, TN 37604


+423 741 2020

Sample Training 

This is just a sample program – workout length and intensity are subject to change based on runners fitness and ability level, etc. 

Day One –
Non weight-bearing session:
–10-20 minute warm-up on elliptical, stationary bike or rowing machine
–50-70 minute on elliptical, stationary bike or rowing machine OR 25-35 minutes of continuous of freestyle swimming
–2 x 10 upper body reps on machine weights
Day Two –
AM run:
–20-40 minutes and could also be done in 1 minute on (run) 1 minute off (walk) format
–do 6 x 10 sets of any ab exercises
PM workout:
15-30 minute run at easy pace
Intervals of 10 x 90 seconds at 5 seconds faster than goal race pace with a 3′ walk or jog recovery
4-6 x 100m strides at 3k – 5k rhythm
10-20 minute run at easy pace
Day Three –
Maintenance run:
–This can range from 20-65 minutes based on the runners fitness/ability level and could also be done in an on/off format
–Skills and drills – ideal to finish off the run with active exercises or sprint drills to reinforce efficiency and further flush out the work accomplished early in the week
–This is also a great day to take an ice bath or get a deep tissue massage depending on if you’re racing that weekend or not
Non Johnson City Run Club Members
  • $30 General Membership to the Johnson City Run Club
  • Day-to-Day personalized training plan for 4 months (see sample below)
  • Post - Program Completion Shirt
  • Three emails/month for any coaching advice
  • Access to our knowledgable group of coaches during Monday Workouts and Wednesday Runs
  • $10 Discount on your Bluegrass Half Marathon Registration